Record voice note in contact section


Is there any way to record voice note in contact section ? Instead of writing a note, my client needs to record his notes. 

Thank you

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Hello Sanae, 


There are no basic tools and features to realize your business task on a clean install of a standard Creatio product. It can be done only by means of development and customization, but unfortunately, we do not have any examples of its implementation.


Kind regards, 


Olga Avis,

Thank you for your reply. Have a nice day.

Sanae ADRAR,


If your client uses chrome only (no mobile app), I suggest that you find a voice recorder/transcriber extension that allows you to put the transcripted text in the [Note] text area.


Thank you

Mohamed Ouederni,

Thank you Mohamed!! I see that we can use it only with chrome. my client uses IE and the mobile but I will try it anyway. 

Thank you again.

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