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is it possible to hide some of the elements on the top right side (communication panel, notification panel). Some of the users wont use any of these, and I would like to hide it, not to bother them why are these there.


Thanks, Timea

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I would also like to be able to do this - for example noteworthy events and approvals are sections of the notification panel our users will never have a need to interact with, so it would be better if they weren't shown to users.


Additionally, it would be nice to be able to prevent some of the Business Process tasks from appearing for users - we have loads of them generated as part of a Lead Management flow, but users are unlikely to be interacting with those through there. It would be better for them to be kept out so that other Business Process task notifications don't get lost in the noise.

Hello Timea


You can use this marketplace addon to hide the UI Elements: https://marketplace.creatio.com/app/experceo-ui-wizard-creatio

You can add your custom CSS selectors and Operation permissions to control the visibility of the UI Elements.

Thank you


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