Grant access of a group of accounts / contacts with partner via partner portal

Need to grant access of a group of accounts / contacts to partners via partner portal.

All I found so far is to do it individually, record by record.

Is there a better way ?


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Hello Ricardo,


Hope you're doing well.


If I understood your business task correctly, for this purpose you can use the "Access rights setup wizard for Creatio" add-on. Please find more details about the mentioned add-on in the link below:

Additionally in the next articles, you will be able to find useful information about the working process with the Creatio portal:


Best regards,


Roman Rak,

Dear Roman,

I have just installed Access rights setup wizard for Creatio.

After selecting some accounts, clicking on "Set up access rights", and choosing permanent (or temporary) righs the system shows "loading" and never returns... Am I missing anything ?

Dear Ricardo,


Please make sure you have followed the installation and user guide:…


Kind regards,



Dear Roman, 

Here you go:

Implementation instructions

1. Contact the support service to install a package with the [Access rights] business process or install it manually using the [Installed applications] link in the system designer.


I installed via the the [Installed applications] link in the system designer.


2. Record access rights configuration is carried out by clicking the [Actions] button in the section list. To configure access rights:

a. The user who makes the configuration must have the access rights to the [CanManageAdministration] system operation.

b. The user must be a member of the [System Administrators] organizational role.


I am using the  Supervisor user,  which has the needed access rights.


Any other recommendation ?



Ricardo Bigio,

I had the same issue with this package. I believe it started working after I logged out and back in again (a refresh wasn't enough). I might have also compiled the workspace as well.


I recompiled the workspace, and now I have another problem: I can grant access rights for a selection of  accounts (If I open each account individually, I can see that the access was granted). But If I select the same group os accounts (with "Select multiple records" / "Set up access rights" / ")  nothing is shown in the "Granted rights"detail, as if the rights were not granted. 

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