Export Products List to Excel from Lead / Opportunity section

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We are doing a feasibility study to export Products that were linked with Lead. As per current available feature, we could get the Products count that were added to a Lead but we are looking for the products list for each Lead exported to excel. 

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Hi Anupama, 


As far as I understand you need to export a list of leads with a list of products for each lead there as well all in one file? Or do you just need to export a list of products for one particular lead?


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Hi Max,


Thanks for the reply. 


Yes the first one is what we are looking for. Export a list of leads with a list of products for each lead and all in one file.





Unfortunately, Creatio does not provide such functionality. However, you can install SQL Executor for Creatio (SQL scripts console) from the marketplace. There you can write SQL requests to the database and then save the results as a CSV file. It will require some basic SQL knowledge.


The request would look something like this for the Orders with products:


SELECT * from "Order" JOIN "OrderProduct" ON "Order"."Id" = "OrderProduct"."OrderId"


You can choose which columns to select, and how to join the tables. 


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We wanted this feature as a functionality for client where as an end user at specific time interval, they could generate the products list by exporting from Lead.

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