ESQ - How to get the Customer of an opportunity

Hi community,


In the following example I have this case :



How can I do to, for example, get the name of the Customer (which obviously is an account) ? I don't want only the informations displayed in the box but I want to have access to all the informations of the "Account" section. How to do this ?


I've tried something like this :



But it doesn't work. When put "Id" instead of "Account.Name" it works and prints the Id of the opportunity in an information dialog box. 


I obviously want to get the name of the account that is directly related to the opportunity where the button is.


Any idea on how to do this ? This doesn't seem to be complicated, i've tried many things but nothing worked. 


P.S. I'm on the opportunitySectionV2 source code.


Many thanks,


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