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How can I restrict the "send mail" action so that for all processes, e-mails can only be sent to addresses with a specific domain, and if another domain is used, a pop-up with an error message appears when saving the process?


Thank you.

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Hi Ivan,

Unfortunately, it's not possible to display a pop-up showing an error message when attempting to save a process that is restricted to a specific domain. However, you can achieve something similar by implementing your business process logic.

For example, you can store an email address in a parameter and check if the email address contains a specific domain. If it doesn't, you can change the parameter to an empty value. Then, uncheck the "Ignore errors on sending" option in the "Send email" action to display a pop-up if any errors occur. This way, you will receive a pop-up with an error message because having a different domain in the email address will result in an empty recipient, which leads to an error.

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