Display Infobox every time the user log on

Hello community,

I have the following task: to show a window to the user with information (a warning about the confidentiality of personal information) during each login.

I tried to create a process that runs when a new entry is added to the "User session" object, but it has never triggered.

Please advise how to implement this task.

Thank you.



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Hello Mariia,

Do you see any errors in the console about "You're trying to decode an invalid JSON String". That task sends a message to the client using the ServerChannel. In 7.17.0 and 7.17.1 a change to the OmniChat broke this when a non-JSON message is sent, so it's possible you're seeing a side effect of that issue. *If* you're seeing that message in the console about "decode an invalid JSON string", I posted a fix you can implement in this thread: https://community.creatio.com/questions/new-bug - (I don't know for sure if that is the issue you're seeing - it could be that "User session" isn't showing a signal)


Hello Ryan,


Thank you for your reply.


We are already aware of this error (we have made corrections in the code), so it is not related to our problem.

Our problem is that the process doesn't run on this trigger at all, because when a user logs in, the insertion into SysUserSession is done using Insert request, which causes the events not triggered.


Do you have any ideas on how to implement such a task?

Thank you.



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