Custom Object created does not raise 'Record added' Signal

We are testing some signals and created new Usr object for this purpose since there were some issues on OOTB objects. After creating new object, signals for 'Record added' are not triggering. 


Is there any additional configuration needed on object to enable signals?




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Basically, in order to trigger the logic of starting business processes on the event of adding/modifying or deleting records, you need to select the object for which events will be tracked and specify the appropriate parameters. You can learn more in this article on Creatio Academy.

Also, you should additionally make sure that the new object has been published and the system has been compiled after adding a new custom object.

Thank you.



thanks for update, I already read all that and did not find any clues for additional setup. After your post, I tried to compile and publish all, but it did not help. 


Is there any way I can check if signal was raised?




Hi Mario,


1) What is the Parent for this new object? BaseEntity?


2) How are you performing the add of the record? Is it via the UI, a process, code or direct SQL insert?



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