Hi everyone,

I have the following scenario:
1. I have created package in a environment(let's call E01) that I have committed to SVN from Creatio IDE.
2. I have installed that package in another environment(Let's call E02) from the SVN repository.
3. I've made changes of package in environment E02 but i am not being able to commit changes, option is not available in E02 environment. 


I want to commit version 2.0 of the package from E02 for later installation in E01.

Does anyone know what I might be missing or if this is possible??

Thank you in advance.


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Hello Victoria,


Hope you're doing well.


At the moment the package version is defined in the SVN branch. For example, if during the SVN package installation there was set version = 1, in this case, the SVN path will look like /[package_name]/branches/1 and so on. SVN revisions within a single branch can be seen next to the package name (which is installed and updated from SVN).

In case when you don't use SVN there will be displayed the version which is defined in the package descriptor.


About your business task, If I understood it correctly, you can just install the changed package on the target site. It will override the original package. 

On another hand, you can't install a package from an archive if the package was connected to SVN.
If you want to work with the package using an import/export tool, we recommend disconnecting the package from SVN within the SQL script below:
update SysPackage set InstallType = 1, SysRepositoryId = null where Name = ''

Please note that you will not be able to connect the package to the same SVN repository after applying the script.

Also if one object is located in package A and second in package B, updating package A will not interrupt data from package B. If you are developing on dev instance and installing the package from dev to prod this package will be locked and no changes will be saved to it.

At the same time if you are trying to change unlocked package to locked it will most likely lead to installation issues or functionality issues. Since it is not expected for new features to be developed on production application you can use Custom package for minor changes. 

The prefix should be the same as on dev and it should not interfere with existing customisations (if there are objects on schemas with "Usr" prefix it is not recommended to change prefix).


Best regards,


Hi Roman Rak,
Thanks for your response, But It does not apply for my needs. 
What i need is to commit a package that I downloaded from the SVN repository and made changes to it. Right now commit option is disabled and do not know why.





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