Automatically map section fields while importing data in detail

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I need help in automatic mapping of excel file fields with the creatio fields for the scenario as follows:


The fields of section are mapped while import if the titles of fields are same in both excel and creatio instance section. But in the case of linked fields, we have to manually map the fields. How can this mapping process be automated?



The field settlement party got mapped automatically as the field title is same in excel and in creatio. However, in case of the Risk Location, the field is in another section which is linked through the Claim ID lookup. Hence, had to be mapped manually.


please suggest a solution for how risk location can also be mapped automatically without user intervention.


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As for now, there is no built-in functionality that allows binding columns while importing as Connected object -> column from this connected object automatically, since it can provoke more errors after the import. But we have a suggestion registered to our R&D team regarding this topic in the "Accepted" status so it is included in the plan to make the functionality better. I will also let them know about your request so to make the priority of the problem higher! Currently, you need to specify connections manually and there is no workaround for this functionality.

Thank you for helping us to make our application better!


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