I need to send an image through an API to convert it to base 64, I tried to do it using the Web service tool but it does not allow me to place an image or file field to use it from the bpm, I was looking for some information and I saw that it could be done using a script, I just haven't found a way to do it. Could you help me with some example or idea so I can do this please?




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Hello Laura, 


Please refer to this article for more detailed information about such functionality.  

Also, similar questions have already been discussed in the below posts, please review them for the detailed information:


Please inform us in case of any questions!
Best regards,

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Hi All,


We have a scenario we have we have to send email from from owner's email address to all case records. 


Example : Case A should received email from Agent assigned to the case about status update and case b will have different agent and email should go from the agent b's email address .From address should be AGENT'S email address 


Is this possible currently in creatio?


Sethuraghav N

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Hello Sethuraghav,


Thank you for your message!


Could you please describe this in more detail as the question is not quite clear from your post? Please, provide more information on this functionality and how you would like to apply it in real life?


Thank you in advance.


Anastasiia Lazurenko,


In the attached screenshot you can see leads with different owner . Lets say i want to send email wishes for chritsmas to all the contacts in the lead . I will write a process for this and in email element in the From the field it should dynamically take the owner's email address with to field being the contact's email address . 




Thank you for explaining!


You need to create three Read Data elements. 

The 1st (ReadData1) one reads Lead record, columns Owner and Contact, 
The 2nd (ReadData2)  and the 3rd one (Read data3)  read Contact. Email where id = ReadData1.Owner and ReadData1.Contact respectively. 

Then, you'd need to pass the results of ReadData2 into "From field"  and ReadData3 to "To" field in "Send Emal" element.


Kind regards,


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I need to send plain text emails from a "send email" block in my business processes.

In the configuration of the body of the email in the content designer I cannot find the option to set plain text body.. all the blocks I can see are HTML blocks.

How can I send plain text emails?

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Dear Massimiliano, 

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to create a plain text email template in Creatio and consequently send such templates using send email element of your business process.
We already have an idea registered for the responsible R&D team to add this functionality in future Creatio releases. We will notify them about this request so to increase the priority of this idea. 

However, you may try to use a workaround to send a plain-text email via business process. 
You can use an Add Data element which would create a new activity with Email Type, fill-out all the needed fields and set "IsHtmlBody" value false and send it using a script-task after. 

In this way an email should be sent as a plain-text. 

Kind regards,

Roman Brown,

Thank you for your suggestion.

I just tried to use an "Add Data" element to create an activity of type e-mail connected to a Case with the fields as shown in this picture:


This email is shonw as "Draft" in the Case "PROCESSING" tab and it has not been sent: Are there some other fields to set so the email is automatically sent from the Business Process?

King Regards


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