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We have a scenario we have we have to send email from from owner's email address to all case records. 


Example : Case A should received email from Agent assigned to the case about status update and case b will have different agent and email should go from the agent b's email address .From address should be AGENT'S email address 


Is this possible currently in creatio?


Sethuraghav N

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Hello Sethuraghav,


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Could you please describe this in more detail as the question is not quite clear from your post? Please, provide more information on this functionality and how you would like to apply it in real life?


Thank you in advance.


Anastasiia Lazurenko,


In the attached screenshot you can see leads with different owner . Lets say i want to send email wishes for chritsmas to all the contacts in the lead . I will write a process for this and in email element in the From the field it should dynamically take the owner's email address with to field being the contact's email address . 




Thank you for explaining!


You need to create three Read Data elements. 

The 1st (ReadData1) one reads Lead record, columns Owner and Contact, 
The 2nd (ReadData2)  and the 3rd one (Read data3)  read Contact. Email where id = ReadData1.Owner and ReadData1.Contact respectively. 

Then, you'd need to pass the results of ReadData2 into "From field"  and ReadData3 to "To" field in "Send Emal" element.


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