How to send plain text email from Business Process

I need to send plain text emails from a "send email" block in my business processes.

In the configuration of the body of the email in the content designer I cannot find the option to set plain text body.. all the blocks I can see are HTML blocks.

How can I send plain text emails?

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Dear Massimiliano, 

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to create a plain text email template in Creatio and consequently send such templates using send email element of your business process.
We already have an idea registered for the responsible R&D team to add this functionality in future Creatio releases. We will notify them about this request so to increase the priority of this idea. 

However, you may try to use a workaround to send a plain-text email via business process. 
You can use an Add Data element which would create a new activity with Email Type, fill-out all the needed fields and set "IsHtmlBody" value false and send it using a script-task after. 

In this way an email should be sent as a plain-text. 

Kind regards,

Roman Brown,

Thank you for your suggestion.

I just tried to use an "Add Data" element to create an activity of type e-mail connected to a Case with the fields as shown in this picture:


This email is shonw as "Draft" in the Case "PROCESSING" tab and it has not been sent: Are there some other fields to set so the email is automatically sent from the Business Process?

King Regards


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