Hi community,

I have some Custom Objects need to draw some connection just like the [Connect To] tab in Account and Contact

Is there a way for me to set it up?


Thank you!

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For generic Activities there is one important Connected to category that is not included: Activity!   We often use long-life Activities that can contain many individual Activities as sub tasks.  However, we end up listing all of the individual Activities against an Opportunity or Account, without any sub structure.


Is there no way to add Activity to the list of objects that an Activity can be Connected to? 


Version Sales Team


We create many-to-many detail 'Linked Activities' and link there. 

Vladimir Sokolov,

Please elaborate....



Creating details is a good idea.


Perhaps the following implementation will help you in solving your business problem:


1) It is necessary to create a lookup field in which we will bind activities: for example, "Main Activity".


2) Create a "Related activity" detail based on the Activity object.


3) Add a detail to the "Activity" page and link it to the section under the "Main Activity" column in the details.



As a result, if you fill in the "Main Activity" field in the activity, and go to this activity, then all related activities will be displayed in the detail.

There will be a one-to many relationships, one parent will have many child activities.

For example:





I hope this helps you.


Best regards,


As we don't define Parent - Child and use many-to-many relation, we have another schemas:

So, the object looks like

Detail 'Linked activity' is added to the Activity page with following filter:


			linkedActivityFilter: function() {
				var id = this.get("Id");
				var filterGroup = new this.Terrasoft.createFilterGroup();
				filterGroup.logicalOperation = this.Terrasoft.LogicalOperatorType.OR;
				filterGroup.add("activityAFilter", this.Terrasoft.createColumnFilterWithParameter(
					this.Terrasoft.ComparisonType.EQUAL, "UsrActivityA", id));
				filterGroup.add("activityBFilter", this.Terrasoft.createColumnFilterWithParameter(
					this.Terrasoft.ComparisonType.EQUAL, "UsrActivityB", id));
				return filterGroup;


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Dear Community,


Does any1 know how to remove some of the sections under 'Connected To' field group in 'Activity' section? Please see attached picture

And at later stage, if I want to add them back how can I do


Please kindly advise


Many thanks



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Hello Mihn,


Unfortunately, your task cannot be achieved by using OOTB tools.

Business rules functionality can be used for "Connected to" detail only for filtration. But sadly, other rules will not be applied to this detail.


We have already registered the corresponding query for our R&D team and will be waiting for the implementation of this functionality in future releases.


Thank you,


Hello Mihn,

you can hide using css rule

hi Stefano,


Can you show me a bit in details about CSS rule please


Thanks in advance 



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Hello all,


With the new changes in 7.17 for the account and contact connected to detail to show the relationship hierarchy, is there a way to display the connections in list view as in the original detail or to export the relationships as a list to excel? Being able to do so is useful for reports. 

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Dear Kevin,


There are no such functions right now in the relationships tab but we have plans to apply them in the future. I will forward your feedback to our R&D team.


Best regards,


Hi Kevin, As a workaround I suggest to add the 'Relationship' Detail in another tab, where you can see the list view and do excel export too.

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I have created a custom [Connected entity profile] on the accounts section that is a duplicate of the primary contact connected entity, except the text displays: Billing Contact:


I have followed the following academy article to do so: https://academy.bpmonline.com/documents/technic-sdk/7-13/connected-entity-profile-control


But am unable to set the default image ?? (I.e. I want the billing contact to have the same icon as the primary contact when an entity is not yet selected for the field ...):



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Please feel free to set any default image in the configuration section. In order to do it open the billing profile schema and upload the needed image in the BlankSlateIcon property. Save the schema and clean the cashe.

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How do I add additional relationships to my Connected to options between accounts? I have gotten to the page- but I don't see how to add an additional relationship.

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Dear Heather,


To add a custom object to the connected to of the Account you would need to add corresponding record to the EntityConnection table in db with  SysEntitySchemaUid is a Uid of the Account and ColumnUId is a column uid that can be found in the SysEntitySchemaReference table. For implementing this please analyze the EntityConnection table and SysEntitySchemaReference  to have an understanding of which record you need to add. For example you can execute the following script: 

select SysSchema.Name, ColumnName, EntityConnection.* from EntityConnection inner join SysSchema on SysEntitySchemaUid = SysSchema.UId inner join SysEntitySchemaReference on EntityConnection.ColumnUId = SysEntitySchemaReference.ColumnUId

Best regards, 


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