Updating the contact and account fields in the Calls object when entering them from the CTI panel

Hello community,

We have created a business process that opens the call edit card on an outbound call. If the phone number is associated with multiple organizations, the card opens faster than the manager selects the required organization on the CTI panel. When we select a Counterparty on the CTI, it changes the field in the call card, but these changes are not reflected in real-time in the card that was already opened by the business process. The Enable live data update checkbox for the call object is set. If other actions are performed through the BP, the changes are displayed in real time.

I would appreciate any help if someone has encountered a similar case.

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Dear Vitalii,

The thing is, the business process will only update data in real-time for the page it has already opened (data that was current at the time of opening).

In your case, you need to ensure that the card opens after selecting the necessary organization. To do this, you need to separate the conditional execution flows of the business process for phone numbers associated with one organization and for phone numbers associated with multiple organizations.

Then add an option for selecting the required organization for the corresponding flow.

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