Treeview detail in section page

I need to show a detail inside a section page with a "treeview-like" (or hierarchic)  list.

I don't need to show a a "parent-child" relationship but I need to show a "group-by" view.

My real case need is that I need to show the Contacts detail inside the Opportunity (I guess it's the OpportunityContactDetailV2 client module) grouped by Role: I would like to see all the contacts with the same role as children of the Role.

The detail should report the different roles and when the user expands a role with the "plus icon", the page must show the contacts with that role.

How can it be done?

Thank you

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Perhaps this marketplace add-on would provide the functionality you're after? It allows you to define a detail and then have it group by a column, providing an hierarchical view of the rows.


Ryan Farley,

Thanks Ryan

I tried the add-on but it raises some javascript run-time errors and doesn't allow me to select the column to group by.

By the way, I'm interesterd on doing it with JS code in a section page detail creating: I need to know how to implement it.



I tried following the instructions dounf on this post…

but it doesn't work: any suggestions?

Dear Massimiliano Mazzacurati,

The answer will be published in this Creatio Community post.

Best regards,

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