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Our Users had often the display errors like this:

Where can this error come from ?


Thank you,

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Hello Nicolas, 


As we can see from the provided screenshots, the user uses the Google Chrome browser. We recommend using the last official version of Chrome on the Creatio release date. 


In case the issue with the layout can be reproduced in different browsers with different screen resolutions, we kindly ask you to contact us at support@creatio.com for further analysis. 


Thank you in advance!


the last version of Chrome was allready installed on the computer. i reinstalled it but the problem reappears.

i will try to reinstall the graphic card driver

LÉZORAY Nicolas,


Thank you for letting us know! Please, feel free to contact us at support@creatio.com in case the issue can be reproduced on different devices and is nor connected to the graphic card driver itself. We would be happy to assist. 


Best regards, 


Olga Avis,

hello Olga,
I'm in the same company as Nicolas and i have some more informations to provide about this issue, there is lot of errors showing up in Chrome console, including some http 400 errors, following post is a full dump from the contacts page, where the issue happened. 
Best regards,

deleted content

Hello Patrice Vigouroux,


Thank you for providing additional information! Could you contact Creatio technical support team at support@creatio.com for further analysis?


Please, send an email with a detailed description of the layout issue and we will check if it is connected to the OOTB functionality.  


Once the solution is found we will post it here as well. 


Thank you in advance!


ok, email sent, thank you!

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