return parameter from business process

we have a custom button on the section page that triggers a process.

When the business process returns to the section page code, is it possible to capture a return parameter from the process  ? how ?

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The issue is that the process will execute asynchronously. The only way to get the value back from the process is, instead of using it as an output param, to send it as a message using a script task in the process that you will retrieve with client-side code on the page. 

You can see an article outlining how to do this here:…


Basically, at the end of your process, you'll add a script task. In that script task you'll get the param value, then send it as a message (as outlined in the article). Then, in your page code, you'll listen for that message, check to make sure it's the message sent from your process, and then read the value and do whatever is needed with it.


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