Refresh PageFilter when a new record is saved without closing the page

Hello Community, 

I have a business case where I wanted to load the records to the editable detail on click of a Save Button (We have a custom code written to insert the records to detail). 

I have added a page filter so that the detail should contain only the records where reference Id in detail is current page Id

Currently the records gets loaded when I refresh the entire form page. 

But I wanted to load the detail without refreshing entire page. 

I also tried to reload the detail from code, it didn't worked. 

my page filter is designed such that detail referencecoulmnId = current form page Id

When I reopen the page everything looks good.

Any suggestions is really helpful






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Please check if the logic you created works when you click the Refresh button from the addon right after clicking the Save button.

If it does, you can analyze the logic of the Refresh button from the addon and add it to your logic.

Unfortunately, we do not have ready examples of the implementation of this logic.


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