Refresh controller of main page in Mobile

Hi Team, I have a amount field in the mobile up that is update by business process once the details are modified. Something like Order and Products, once the product is added or modified the total of the order is updated. 

The problem is once the detail is modified and the process impact the changes, the main page is not refresh until I change the section and go back. 

There is any way to force the refresh of that controller/preview from the detail controller?

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Hello Federico,

If I understood your request correctly, the next examples should be helpful for resolving your business task:

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Thanks Bogdan, is the same funtionality  but for the mobile app.

Dear Federico, 

Could you please your product (Sales, Service, Marketing, etc.)? 
And the name of the Workplace in the mobile application (Main workplace, etc.)? 


Thanks in advance!

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The product is sales 7.18.5 and the workspaces is the main workspaces.

Federico Buffa,


Unfortunately, there is no such functionality for the mobile application to avoid additional loading.

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Refreshing the view page is not enough.
It is still necessary to wait for the completion of data synchronization with the server, which can take a long time or even stop due to a bad connection.
If the business logic is not very complicated, then as an option you can repeat it in a mobile application. But, for this you have to write JS code 

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