PushHistoryState with custom module

I have encountered an unusual problem.

Task: On the main page, create a button that opens a custom module with a detail. There are entries in the details and a help field that takes the user to the "Case" page.

I created a custom module, extend from "Terrasoft.BaseSchemaModule" and "schemaName" and "entitySchemaName" to my schema and entity.

There are no problems with the display, but when I go from my module to the "Case" page and want to return:

1. The "Close" button is triggered only the second time

2. It returns me to the main page and not to my module.

I tried to open my custom module through the "sandbox.LoadModule" - the "Close" button started working immediately, but I still returned to the main page



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Hello Dmitrii,

It's not so apparent from the description where the problem exactly is. Could you please share two parts of the code:

1) the custom module;

2) how did you add the button on the page

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