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when i add my section "Returns" to portal it worked with me and make the "PortalReturns" Section but when i make some fields required for portal users it also makes the fields in the main section "Returns" also required and i don't need this i need the fields to be required for portal users only and here are some screenshots:


the portal Workplace

the Main Section Returns


the portal section 

and here are the portal section with the required fields 


and here when i login with the portal user and open a new record 

here are the issue when i get back to the main section "Returns" and open a new record .. here it makes the fields that i make in the portal required also and i don't need this i need them to  be required for portal users only 


thanks all 

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You can make the fields required using business rules on the portal page (and not add the rules on the section page) INSTEAD of making the actual columns required (which will make it required in all cases, on section page and portal page). 

Basically, on the portal page, add a rule to make the field required where the condition is always true - like a boolean true = true. Then it will only be required on the portal page.


Ryan Farley,


thanks for your reply 


i understood but the condition !

what condition should i put or make in portal section ?




Ibrahim Nour El-Din,

ok  i get it and it worked with me 



but i have another question Mr.Ryan 

how can i Set up portal user permissions in such a way that each portal user could see only their own requests.

that's mean i only enable record permissions ?? and what is the arrangement of the portal users in operation permissions ? last or in the first or doesn't matter 



If you enable record permissions that means, by default, a user, even a portal user, will get permissions for the records they create. Nothing else is needed for them to be able to see only their own records, just by turning on record permissions.

However, what I would also add is if any portal user creates a record, then all employees can also see it, this isn't necessary for the requirement "Set up portal user permissions in such a way that each portal user could see only their own requests", but makes sense that full employee users can see all portal user records. Like this: 

For the portal users, once record permissions is enabled, you can verify by adding a record as a portal user, then in the full client view the record permissions and you should see the portal user added as read, edit, delete permissions.


Ryan Farley,


thank you for this info 

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