Page Redirect from Business process for Current User


I've made a page with Creatio Freedom UI and need to be able to have 1 button on the page that both adds a record and then redirects the user to a specific page.  It appears I can only have the button do 1 action or the other (save a record or open a specific page).  To do both actions with one button, I instead tried creating a business process for this.  It's adding the record fine but I am having trouble getting it to open a specific page afterwards.  Opening an edit page and choosing the home page I want the user to be directed to does not work and instead.  I think it's because edit pages on a business process are treated like tasks and are not simply a redirect. 

Should I use a script element instead to redirect the user to a specific page after the record is added in the business process or is there a more simple way to do this?

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