OData and ContactInTag object

Hi community,

I'm trying to read the contact tags using odata, in particular  I would like to expand the ContactTag object when I read the ContactInTag,

an  error raises

"The query specified in the URI is not valid. Could not find a property named 'ContactTag' on type 'Terrasoft.Configuration.OData.ContactInTag'."

Which is the correct entity name to expand ?


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Hello Stefano,

In the ContactInTag object, the reference to ContactTag is actually the property called Tag. I believe if you expand Tag, it should give you the ContactTag reference.


Hello Stefano,

We've got the same result in our system as well. We are working on the solution to this issue.

Best Regards,

Tetiana Bakai

Ryan Farley,

Hi Ryan,

I tried you suggestion using $expand=Tag($select=name), but I receive this message "
An error has occurred."

Stefano Bassoli,

Hmm. I just tested that and I get the same error (also if I try to expand Entity). I wonder if it's because those are columns inherited from the BaseEntityInTag object (which is virtual)? I can expand CreatedBy fine on that object though. Not sure why the error occurs.

Hello Stefano,

For now you should use two select queries, because using the $expand clause with those columns would give you errors. We passed this problem to Core R&D team and got the information that there is some issue in Core logic that causes that thing, so they would fix it in the next versions.

Best Regards,

Tetiana Bakai

Tetiana Bakai,

thank you for your feedback

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