Navigating to a Page by clicking on button

Can anyone tell how I can Navigate to a Page by clicking on button in Freedom UI  by using (customcode)

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You can do that with no code using the actions: 

  • Open new record (to open a page in add mode)
  • Open existing record (to open a page in edit mode)
  • Open specific page (to choose a specific page. This could be a section list page, or a specific page for a record if a record has multiple pages defined for it)

If you want to do this in code, these articles will help: 


Thank you @Ryan for answering my question ,Do you have exact example where we are Navigating to Page by clicking on button.



Please note that this can be set up without custom code using basic functionality of Freedom UI components. You can find the instructions on it in this Academy article. And here are the instructions for the Classic UI.

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