Multi-lookup Column

Hello Community,

I'm trying to implement the opportunity Client in creatio Latest version. How can we add diff and attributes in latest version?

I tried in this way, but it didn't work. Is there any way to do the multilookup column or can we do multilookup column in latest version.


                "operation": "insert",

                "name": "Customer",

                "values": {

                    "type": "crt.ComboBox",

                    "label": "Customer",

                    "control": "",

                    "listActions": [],

                    "showValueAsLink": true,

                    "controlActions": [],

                    "multiLookupColumns": [




                    "layoutConfig": {

                        "column": 1,

                        "row": 1,

                        "colSpan": 1,

                        "rowSpan": 1


                    "controlConfig": {

                        "enableLeftIcon": true,

                        "leftIconConfig": {

                            "bindTo": "getMultiLookupIconConfig"




                "parentName": "SideAreaProfileContainer",

                "propertyName": "items",

                "index": 0



Thanks in advance! 


I Yasaswini

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Unfortunately, for now, you cannot create a multi-lookup column on the Freedom UI page. 

We already created a request for our R&D team to add this feature in the future version.

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