Mailbox Add-on - Can't add section

Hi everyone, We have installed the Mailbox section for Creatio ( for a customer however we have run into an issue. Every time we try to add it, we get a 400 bad request in the browser console, and it does not get added. Clearing the browser cache doesn't seem to do anything as we can still reproduce the issue Has anybody experienced this issue before or knows of a workaround? Any assistance would be appreciated!

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can you please go to the Workplace setup, delete any existing Section, save, then add it again along with the Mailbox section?


Please, let us know whether it helped.


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Hi Gleb,


Thank you for the suggestion, it is appreciated.


We have attempted your solution and unfortunately it doesn't resolve this issue.


Any other potential solutions are appreciated.

Dear Harry,


unfortunately, it is difficult to analyze the problem in such a way.

I would recommend creating a case for the Support team so we can take a closer look at the issue.




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