Lookup modal box customization

we need to customize the modal box shown when we need to select for example Account lookup, by adding fixed filters on the top then the search button gets Accounts based on this filter.

Also can we hide the New Button here ?

will this customization affect other lookup selection modal box? 

if this is not applicable is there any other approach ? 


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Dear Ayman,

You can add a fixed filter to the lookup page, however, this requires development skills. Please see this article with instructions: 


The schema you would need to modify is LookupPageViewGenerator. Please note, that applied changes would be displayed for all sections and each place where you use lookup page.

In order to remove New button, you need to override the getSelectionControlsConfig and getEditionControlsConfig methods on LookupPageViewGenerator schema and remove add button from there.

As an alternative approach, you can apply business rule on the field and in this case lookup would be automatically filtered. 



Hi Anastasia,

I can't create "replacing client module" with parent is LookupPageViewGenerator. How can I "modify" it as you said? I found lookup Brand and Category in ProductPageV2 which hide button "New" when open its lookup modal. How can I see their source code?


Anastasia Botezat,

Please help

Toan Mai,


If you want to hide 'NEW' button you can simply add  "hideActions": true to your lookuplistconfig property of the attribute correspondent to lookup field.

Please see snippet below:

define("OrderPageV2", [], function() {
	return {
		entitySchemaName: "Order",
		attributes: {
			"Opportunity": {
				"lookupListConfig": {
					"hideActions": true
		modules: /**SCHEMA_MODULES*/{}/**SCHEMA_MODULES*/,
		details: /**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/{}/**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/,
		methods: {},
		diff: /**SCHEMA_DIFF*/[]/**SCHEMA_DIFF*/

It will however also hide actions drop down, but this drop down is also connected to crud operations within lookup field.

See result here:




Dmytro Smishchenko,

This solution seems to work on lookup object in Order section. How can we implement the same on the Detail ?

hi ayman ,  can you send me code for this model box

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