Is it possible to get the parameters passed to a Web Service Call out after a failed call in a BP?

In a Business Process, we are calling a Web Service using the Web Service Call element, but sometimes we will get a failure that we need to log to a custom table for action later. We really could do with as much information about the failure as possible, including being able to log out the parameters that the Web Service was passed so the support users can assess what happened without having to have trace logging turned on for the BP and digging into the BP log as well. I can't see any output on the web service call for that, but maybe someone else has found a way to get this info?

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Hi Harvey, we have similar needs, but no result, unfortunately. 

So, we log all parameters manualy before calling web service :(

Hello Harvey,

If you want to see the body of the request generated by the web service and the response that comes from the server - You can try to use Telerik Fiddler tool to capture requests that are being sent from the Creatio instance


But this advice is relevant only for local environments.

If the environment is on a local machine, you can connect Fiddler and test it.


In general, if you do not want to use data tracing for a process, we believe that this goal can be achieved through development. For example, a web service call will be made using a script task, in which you will process various responses from the server and write the information you need into a table using C# code.

Thank you.

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