Intercept press of "Complete" button on Next Steps tile

Is it possible to intercept using some request handler the event when a user clicks on the green "Complete" button on a Next Steps tile? This is the button in the "next-step-tile-actions" div on the page which only appears when you hover over the next step tile:


It would be vey helpful to be able to run some custom code when this button is clicked - in our case, we need it to save the main page record before actioning this next step, as completing the next step might automatically transition the Lead to the next stage, losing any data entered by the user.

Like 220



None of the following handlers are triggered by clicking this button, maybe I've missed some candidates but these are the ones I've tried so far:





Also tried "brute forcing" it by overriding every handler I could find in the Creatio code, but literally nothing fires when clicking that button! Not even something like the page's crt.HandleViewModelPauseRequest (since it's a modal popup, I guess the full page doesn't actually pause like it would when navigating to a another page through clicking a lookup for example). Hopefully I've missed something, triggering some action on clicking that button would be useful.

Any thoughts/knowledge on how such a thing could be achieved?

Hi Harvey! 


Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way to intercept the event of clicking on the Next-steps tile buttons. This button can call different requests depending on the type of tile, and these requests are called without the view model context, which will not allow us to intercept them from the card and use them to save card data.


We have registered your idea, and the R&D team has already planned the task for this improvement - they will create a special output event for the Next-steps component. This functionality will be available in future releases.


Thank you for making our product better!


Best regards,


Thank you for the information Natalia, this would be a welcome improvement!

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