How does a BP runs Parallel or in Sequence

Hi Team,

We have a scenario to trigger 3 process whenever there is a new record added to detail and how these BP process will trigger. Is it a sequence or in parallel?

Let us say,

Detail: Order Product detail

A record added - Triggers three BPs

When 5 records are added - 5*3 = 15 BPS (i.e copy of the same has to run).

Is there a limitation for the no of instance of BP to run in parallel?


Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

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Good day,


Basically, the trigger processes are launched in parallel but they are being put into a background task queue, it is possible if the queue was empty at the moment of launch to have these processes launched simultaneously.


As for the limitations - technically there are none, but you will be limited by your recourses and the queue size.


Thank you.

Good Day @artem,


Adding to the above example, there are 20 products added and the 20 processes are called but it gets completed sequentially instead of 20 running at the same time. 


The process are in the background task queue. Is there a way we can run all the process parallel or any system settings for the parallel run?


Thanks in advance.




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