Image to the background of the "Thank-You" page on a resolved case

Hello Community


I need to know if the image here is the same I need to upload on System Setting to “Logo - Thank you for your feedback / ImageThanksForRaiting”?


If not, which is the system setting I need to change?


Which specifications size must have the image?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Julio,

After a customer evaluates the quality of service, they will be redirected to the special “Thank-you” page where the customers can leave additional comments. Both the customer’s grade and comments will be automatically added to the [Feedback] field block on the [Closure and feedback] tab.


A “Thank-you” page


The page displays a corporate logo according to the value of the [Logo - Thank you for your feedback] system setting. Corporate logo setup is covered in a separate article.

Please let us know if it fits your query.

Thank you!

Bohdan Zdor,

Thanks @Bohdan, I know it, but what I need is to change the background image and I need to know wich is the System setting I will to change to do it, this image, I did it on "Logo - Thank you for your feedback" System Setting uploading an image of 1280x900px and what I get is a page with the image, but loose the objects over them, like the message "Your feedback has been..", the edition control to introduce comments and also the "POST COMMENT" button, this what I get


What I'm doing wrong?


Also, where can I change the text of the tittle and in the edition box "We are always looking at improving...."?


Thanks again


This system setting is currently not in use it will not change the image as you need. The only way to completely change this page is to apply changes to "CaseRatingFeedbackPage" schema (replace it and modify Background resource).


Best regards,

Thanks Angela

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