How to send email as a reply to an already sent email using business process?

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Let’s say I have sent an email to a contact about a webinar. After some days I want to follow up  to this email. Is there a way to replyall or reply to that email instead of sending a different mail? The requirement is to have a single email thread instead of sending multiple emails about same thing. How can I achieve this through business process?

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Hello Shivani,


Basically we don't have such functionality in our system. Alternatively, you can read the body of the letter that arrived (if it is available in the process) and, through the parameters, throw it into a new letter. It's essentially just working with parameters. 


Please also note that our core R&D department has a suggestion registered on their side to make possible send an email in single thread via business process in further releases. 


Thanks for the great idea!




Bogdan L.

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