How to replace fields in "Complete activity" mini form in Activities calendar?



Is there an option to replace the default fields titled 'Select results' and 'Enter detailed results' in the activities calendar, which is located in the 'complete activity' mini form? 

I'd like to replace these fields with ones I've created, which are available in the full-page form.

Like 2





Unfortunately, it is not possible to change this popup window using the basic application tools, at this point. This can only be done through a specific development process. The code of the page on the ActivityMiniPage of the UIv2 package: 

The development team already considering the possibility of changing this window with basic tools in future versions of the system.


Yes please, the more we have nocode possibilities on a nocode platform, the better ;)


Thank you so much for your reply. That would be great if I could modify this popup's fields easier. :)

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