How to remove comma for integer field in section list page?

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Using "useThousandSeparator": false we can remove comma in section edit page or detail edit page. How do we do it in Section list Page?



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Hello Shivani,


You can change the column format in prepareResponseCollectionItem method.

Here is a sample:

define("SomeSection", [], function() {
    return {
        entitySchemaName: "SomeSectionSchema",
        details: /**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/{}/**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/,
        diff: /**SCHEMA_DIFF*/[]/**SCHEMA_DIFF*/,
        methods: {
            prepareResponseCollectionItem: function(item) {
                var someColumn = item && item.columns && item.columns.SomeColumn;
                if (someColumn) {
                    someColumn.dataValueType = Terrasoft.DataValueType.TEXT;
                    item.set("SomeColumn", item.values.SomeColumn.toString());


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Bogdan S.

Bogdan Spasibov,

That is fantastic Bogdan. Thanks for sharing this!


This works for the section - is there a code for a detail on the contact page? I need to remove the comma from the year field here

Hi Heather, 


Please refer this post where this question was explained.


The logic for section differs from page and there is no way to apply the property to the grid.




Bogdan L.

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