How to make custom search on object based on detail rows ?

Hi community,


I need a way to sort the rows of a data grid according to the values present in a detail.


I have my detail in the candidate object like this:


Here is a small simplified diagram of the relationship between my lookup, my detail and my object:

I would like to run this sql query to filter the candidates :

SELECT c.* FROM technocandidats tc
RIGHT JOIN candidats c ON = tc.candidat_id
WHERE tc.techno_id = n OR
tc.techno_id = n OR ...

where "n" will be the techno's id.


Is there a way to do this directly in the section's advanced filters?


Or better still, in a box on top of the section like the one in my candidat object where the detail appears? Or even better, make that in a preconfigured page ?


Best regards,


Julien Gunther

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Hello Julien,


I believe this should be possible as you have the connections between your objects. Could you please contact Creatio support team using so we can help you with the filter setup in your system?


Thank you,

Bogdan S.

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