How to add widget with pivot table to the page?



We need to add Pivot to the Account page.

As there is no widget with pivot available in page wizard, is there another option to do that?

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I do wish we could add dashboard list elements on pages. It would make things easy to display unrelated data on a page and things like pivot tables. However, I don't believe there is anyway to add it to the page that I know of. We usually just create a view, then display the results in a detail on the page instead. For creating a pivot table, Postgresql does have the crosstab function which does this easily - However, that is part of the tablefunc extension, which isn't installed in Creatio postgresql databases - I've never tried to see if it allows you to install extensions like that. See…


Ryan Farley,

We have added widget with list to the page, but it is still displayed like flat list, not pivot... 
That's why I would like to find out if it is possible to make this last step :)

Hello Vladimir,

Did you find a solution ?

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