How to add custom fields into qualification process


what is the best way to add some custom fields into qualificaiton process. We need to copy information from Lead to Account only when new Account is created during qualification (like it is done OOTB).

But if we modify script of the process (ProcessContact, ProcessAccount methods), we should overwrite the whole process, so we can loose future Creatio updates of the process.


Do you have better approach to achive this goal?

Thank you!


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Try to create a business process that is launched when a record is added or changed.…

When Account/Contact is created from the Lead qualification process, it is not linked to the Lead yet, so we cannot use "Added" signal.

When Lead is modified and Account/Contact is set, we don't know if it is set by qualification process or manualy. So, in the second case we mustn't modify Account/Contact.

In result, I don't see any option to catch event of Account/Contact creation during qualification



In such circumstances, we recommend using the code-level development process to catch such an event and make the desired logic.

Unfortunately, we don't have any examples of such implementation.

If you have any difficulties with this task, you can create a ticket for the Creatio support team, within which we will consider this issue.


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