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I'm currently dealing with an issue similar to the one outlined in this post:


I have been able to confirm that checking the "Indexed" box on a custom field will allow me to search on that column in the global search. However, the column that I actually need to be able to search is an Unlimited length text field. When I attempt to publish the entity, I receive the following error:


I believe the reason for this error is that it's attempting to add the new index to some table using the above stored procedure, but the index wasn't created due to the size constraints on non-clustered indexes outlined at the Microsoft link below. It's a fairly large page and the relevant part is this: "The maximum allowable size of the combined index values is 900 bytes for a clustered index, or 1,700 for a non-clustered index"


Is there a way to index an unlimited length text field in the global search results?

Or can I bypass having to create an index on the field but still have the Elastic Search pick it up?



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Hello Daniel,


We have received a reply from our R&D that indexing unlimited length text fields by checking the 'indexed' box will not work. To do this you will need to do the following:

1. Add a column

2. Compile the appllication

3. Run the following script in the browser console under the Supervisor user:

require(["ServiceHelper"], (ServiceHelper) => { ServiceHelper.callService("IndexingConfigService", "SendIndexationConfigs"); });

Then create a new record and after some time the record will be indexed by the created column.


Best regards,


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