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Hi everyone,


is it possible, to set up the outlook calendar synchronization only from the Creatio platform? We would to add tasks in the creatio platform, but we don't want to see the other outlook tasks in and meetings in creatio, that are in our outlook calendar. 

Thanks, Timea

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Unfortunatelly, this feature has been removed in version 8.0.2. In newer versions the new mechanism has been implemented. Now seamless integration is available in Creatio calendar instead. 


The one-side synchronization feature might be returning in future. Please stay tuned for updates!



Hanna Skalko,


The one-way calendar sync from Creatio to Outlook is a feature we would also really like to use. Can you please prioritize it and let us know when this is available? Thank you!

Esther M,



The Creatio development team has already been informed about this idea. 


Thank you for being an active part of the Creatio community and helping us to improve our products!

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