Generate PDF - simple and Straight way ?

Dear friends and community, 


I urge your support and advise to get a way or method to generate PDF from a filled form application. (I am using latest version) 




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Maybe you can use Printables and then build a server-side code that will convert the printable word to PDF, you can store the result in an activity for self keeping or etc.

You can use 3rd party DLL to convert the word to PDF.



As of now, the PDF conversion functionality is not available in the ootb version of the system.


Currently, we can recommend using the PDF conversion feature in MS Word by using the "Save As" option.


As a workaround, if it is necessary to prevent users from making changes to the PDF file after exporting:

You can upload a Word file with a password for modifications as a template for the printable. This way, the necessary data will be included in the file, but it will not be possible to make changes without knowing the password.


Additionally, we can suggest an alternative approach:

Use the marketplace addon "Aspose.PDF connector for Creatio" -


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It has been years since Creatio removed this feature from OOTB


It is the feature that has more requests from partners and is assumed to work from all clients (as all other major platforms have it OOtB)


It is very disapointing that it is now not even in the pipeline to have it

somewhere in the future.


In this case Creatio is really not listening to the partners and customers




Hi Ahmed, 

For what it's worth, I use Power Automate a lot to handle these kind of functions where Creatio lacks the functionality. You can handle the API response of Power Automate REST Trigger to give you the data back, etc... 

If you are using 365 in your tech stack it, it could be an option. 




 Interesting indeed 🧐. Could you make a blog post ? 🙂

@luis --> agree with you, this is such an akward missing feature nowadays.

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