Freedom UI: Enable Live data update not working

Hi Community,

We have activated the 'Enable live data update' for the Contacts and its currently not working.

We have a business process that updates fields of the Contact once finished. Only when we click Refresh the fields are updated.

How can we fix/debug this issue?


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I assume you're using a Freedom UI section/page? It doesn't work with classic. Also, make sure the feature "LiveEditingForCurrentUser" is on as well.



Thank you for the reply.


The page is Contacts in freedom UI.


From the Business Process I am trying to update the lookup that is responsible for the stages ( Progress Bar). The progress Bar is only updated after I click the Refresh button. 

Should I do some other modifications as well ?


We also have this issue, but then tested in 8.1.2 and not found that


You should check with the support. This feature is causing performance issue in 8.1.1.

I recently had an issue after I imported more than 20k cases in a site and the support deactivated the live update for a little while until I creaed a new case on this subject.

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