Exponents in formula

Does anyone know a way of using an exponential value in a formula in a business process? The C# forums say to use Math.Pow(base number, exponent number) but I get an error that "No applicable method "Pow" exists in type "Math" when using that in a business process formula. 


The use case is that there's a a 2% annual escalator based on the warranty years of a certain product. So the formula would be (base price)*1.02^(years of warranty)

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Hello Andriana,

In order to use the static “Math” class in C# code you should add the “System” namespace to the file:

using System;

If the issue still exists, please provide us with a source code of the module and the error message. It will help us to analyze the issue in more details.

Additionally, please find more information about the “Math” class in the article by the link below:


Best regards, Anhelina!

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