Excel Report try to add in workplace

Hi Team. Im try to add the excel report to the workplace sales (or any other) and getting this error:






Some idea?


Like 0



I get that often with that Addon for some reason, not sure why. It will usually work after a log out and back in again (or sometimes after a few). 

Sometimes I just add it directly to the SysModuleInWorkplace table.

Either way, it must be some sort of caching issue, since eventually it will work and all you to add it to the workplace.


Yes, I just add it with SQLquery 

INSERT INTO "SysModuleInWorkplace" ("Position", "SysWorkplaceId", "SysModuleId") VALUES ('99', (select "Id" from "SysWorkplace" where "Name" = '<Name of workplace>'), (select "Id" from "SysModule" where "Caption" = 'Excel reports'))

Thanks Rayan.



Federico Buffa ?,

Hi, Federico!
Thank you for the query.
We are aware of this issue. It can occur after the installation of any package, not just this add-on.
Our R&D department is reviewing it, but we don't have a solution currently.

As workaround, you can make any changes in workplaces. For example, delete a section and add it again. You should not have problems with adding a new section after this.

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