Error on edit page

Dear mates,

i have installed the application "Conducting surveys for Creatio".

when i go to the Interviews edit page of the section wizard, i get the following error :

Page contains items with the same name in the schema source code in different containers. Changes of these items may be applied incorrectly. It can be fixed in the source code.
The name "undefined" is used by:
- The item with path CardContentWrapper.CardContentContainer.HeaderContainer.Header.GlbQuestionnaireType.undefined
- The item with path CardContentWrapper.CardContentContainer.HeaderContainer.Header.GlbQuestionnaireType.undefined.undefined
- The item with path CardContentWrapper.CardContentContainer.HeaderContainer.Header.GlbQuestionnaire.undefined
- The item with path CardContentWrapper.CardContentContainer.HeaderContainer.Header.GlbQuestionnaire.undefined.undefined
The name "converter" is used by:
- The item with path CardContentWrapper.CardContentContainer.HeaderContainer.Header.GlbQuestionnaireType.undefined.undefined.converter
- The item with path CardContentWrapper.CardContentContainer.HeaderContainer.Header.GlbQuestionnaire.undefined.undefined.converter

how can i fix this issue ?

Thank you !


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i created two custom objects for GlbQuestionnaire and GlbQuestionnaireType but the error still appears

LÉZORAY Nicolas,




The developer has published a new version of the add-on with fixes for these errors. Please install the latest version via the link and ensure that everything works as expected.


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