Error during import of package

Good day!

I need help to understand an error during install of package.

Terrasoft.Core.Packages.Exceptions.InvalidDescriptorInFileSystemException: Invalid discripter: 
Reading of property "Type" is not supported 
Path: UsrTest ---> Terrasoft.Common.InvalidObjectStateException: Reading of property "Type" is not supported
   at Terrasoft.Core.Packages.PackageFileStorage.Read(DataReader reader, Package package) 
   at Terrasoft.Core.Packages.PackageFileStorage.b__201_0(JsonDataReader reader, Package package) 
   at Terrasoft.Core.Packages.PackageFileStorage.InitializeDescriptor[T](Action2 initializeDescriptor, String descriptorFilePath, T descriptor) 
   at Terrasoft.Core.Packages.PackageFileStorage.CreatePackageDescriptorBasedOnDirectory(String directoryPath, Action2 initializeDescriptor) 
   --- End of inner exception stack trace --- 
   --- End of inner exception stack trace --- 
   at Terrasoft.Core.AppInstallation.Packages.Operations.PackageZipOperations.ThrowIfPackageStorageItemErrorsExist(PackageStorage packageStorage) 
   at Terrasoft.Core.AppInstallation.Packages.Operations.PackageZipOperations.Load() 
   at Terrasoft.Core.AppInstallation.Packages.Backup.ZipPackageBackupManager.ComposePackages(String sourcePackagesPath, String tempFilesPath) 
   at Terrasoft.Core.AppInstallation.Packages.Backup.ZipPackageBackupManager.CreateBackup(String sourcePackagesPath, String tempFilesPath, String backupPath, String code) 
   at Terrasoft.Core.ServiceModelContract.PackageInstaller.PackageInstallerServiceInternal.<>c__DisplayClass25_0.b__0() 
   at Terrasoft.Core.ServiceModelContract.PackageInstaller.BaseInstallerServiceInternal.InvokeWithLogging(Action action) 

Install log is in the attachment.

It works without any errors and is imported correctly in other systems (on versions higher).

Is there something I can change in the package? Or is it a problem in the system I import package in?   

How can I fix this?

Thank you in advance!

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The cause of the problem is the difference between the versions of websites of Сrеаtio that you used during the development of your package versus installation.

Kalymbet Anastasia,

Dear Anastasia, 

Thank you for expllanaition. Is there any possibility to make my package suitable for versions lower than original?

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