Error on apply filter mobile

Hi Team, 

I'm getting an error in a custom section when I try to apply a filter in the mobile app.


Any ideas? The object is in the manifest to sync and the rest is working perfect. Only the filters can not be apply. 


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According to the trace of an error there is a problem with the getColumnsSetColumns method execution. Please debug the method execution and share the iteration of the method call that results in the error message.


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Hi Oscar Dylan,


The function is trigger first time with the primaryColumnSet and then the variable columnSetName is empty. You know from where is comming from this? I have a button in the edit page. that is a problem?


Federico Buffa ?,


It seems that columns for some model were not received. You need to check which model is called in this method and which model doesn't have the columns. As for the place from which the getColumnsSetColumns want's to receive the columns - it should be checked in the call stack. Also sometimes it helps to resave all the settings of the section (of the correspondent workplace) in the mobile application wizard and restart the main app and then relogin to the mobile app, maybe it will help in your case.


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