Enterprise level Reporting Feature - When will it arrive!?

Hi all, 

Does anyone have any updates on when/if Creatio is planning to implement excel reporting functionality that is fit for the year of 2024 and should be mandatory in ANY enterprise CRM... 


The existing marketplace app is entirely insufficient and has not been updated in many years. 


The reporting via the list page has also gone with freedom UI. 


When people ask me about reporting, I am embarrassed to answer. 

Really hoping this is on the roadmap somewhere...



Like 5



I would love to see something official on this as well. IMO it's something that is very much needed. DevExpress and FastReports were a bit clunky and difficult, but definitely provided the capability to do real reporting. I am not sure why those were removed, but I'd love to see the return of something similar. We've pushed Word printables based on views and macros to the limits and Excel reports isn't the same, not to mention it's too limited and doesn't work with the OOTB Process File element in processes.


Yes please, one of the most lacking feature for an enterprise grade CRM

We also extremely need this feature. Maybe not Excel, but a new generation of lists and pivots as in classic UI

Hi all,


My friends of Banza are almost ready to launch Banza Report Generator for Creatio, it allows you to configure report export based on any data from the system, and such export can be performed both by users and automatically according to a configured schedule.


Use cases:

  • * Generating reports and print-ready documents based on section records.
  • * Make printing, reporting, importing, and exporting your data easily.
  • * Creating templates for your documents with the ability to select the data you want to integrate into the document from your database.


Key Features:

* Creating reports based on data from any system object (table or view) in xlsx, csv, docx, and txt formats.

* Using any Excel file (with formatting, pivot tables, and graphs) as a template for generating a report.

* Advanced custom filter settings: custom filter dependency setting, limiting the list of valid custom filter values, setting the mandatory filter and determining the mandatory nature of one filter from a group, defining values for automatic substitution.

* The advanced setting of report columns: the ability to impose a condition for displaying a value in a column, sorting the uploaded values by specified fields, taking into account their priorities, replacing exported values with specified alternative values, and combining values into one column.

* Generate reports according to a set schedule (you can set the day of the week and time or in cron format) and save them to a specified folder.

* Email notification to the user about the completion of the report generation process.

* Storing the history of report generation.

* Setting access rights to reports.

* Quick report generation from any section of the system.



I think we should build it. Many companies have excel add ins for this. There is plenty of documentation on how do build Excel addons. Who is in?

Thank you for the comments all. Hopefully senior Creatio staff do visit this community and actually see and hear what their customers want. 

I still find it frustrating that development resource is clearly being spent on modules such as AI App generation and ‘copilot’, rather than key missing pieces. 

Coincidently, i’ve not heard anything on copilot moving into production since the demo, but maybe others have(?)…

With all the investment in Creatio, it seems like the promised monthly updates have got even more infrequent over the last 12 months…

Great to hear that Banza have a tool planned though and the features sound decent. 

fingers crossed for more features in Q3!




How are you? Hope you are doing well. Did you check this connector:

It is very helpful for reports. Basically from Looker Studio you get all the data from Creatio and you could use all Looker Studio capabilities:


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