Empty object for result.entity for different user roles



Suppose we have the following code:

var fundId = this.get("FundId");

                    var esq = Ext.create("Terrasoft.EntitySchemaQuery", { rootSchemaName: "FundSchema" });


                    esq.getEntity(fundId, function (result) {

                        if (result.success) {

                            var currentamount = result.entity.get("FundAmount");

// empty result.entity for some roles




And we have two roles A and B.

When I tried with role A, the result.entity is empty.

When I tried with role B, the result.entity has object value inside.

Both has fundId loaded in value and should be getting the same result.entity object.

I am trying to find where might be the root cause that results to this.


May I know is there any place in creatio that configures only certain role is able to get the result.entity or is there any other way to find the solution or root cause of this like code sample etc?


Thanks for the help!

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EntitySchemaQuery checks for access rights when retrieving data, so the issue is in the entity's set of access rights for roles A and B. You need to check if users from both roles have access to the object (object permissions) and the record (record permissions) for the record that is returned for one role but doesn't return for another.

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