Email Profile for Bulk Email & Campaigns

Hello...I'm curently setting up an Email Profile for Bulk Email & Campaigns.


If my understanding is GOOD :


CREATIO let us send a message though Bulk Email + Campaigns to :

1) a Contact PRIMARY email

2) an ACCOUNT connected to a CONTACT that has a PRIMARY Email

3) a LEAD connected to a CONTACT that has a PRIMARY Email



We have CONTACTS that have multiple Emails and also ACCOUNTS that have multiples Emails.


I want to categorize each Email with a TYPE of message that can be sent to them.


example 1 :  ACCOUNT emails             promo         order confirmation and events invitation        invoices


example 2 :  CONTACT emails      promo              invoives    personal (do not use for mass-mailing.  Only Sales Rep)




- Each EMAIL from a CONTACT or ACCOUNT can be used.

- If a contact unsubscribe from an email...than the other EMails are not affected.

- Need to track ALL emails (bounced, Opens, clicks,...)


Any suggestions ???


You may reach me directly.


Francois Breault

(514) 214-8183


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Dear Francois,


Unfortunately, it is not possible to use each email from contact or account as only 1 (primary) can be used upon Bulk Emails or Campaigns.


Best Regards,

Ivanna Yatsura.

From the Out Of The Box...That's what I thought.


Let's see if the following works : 

- If I put all my Emails in the LEAD section.

- If I CREATE a UNIQUE contact record for each LEAD (EX:    first name = Communication Profile   and  the lastname = of John Smith)

- If I CREATE 2 custom lookup fields (Ref-Contact and Ref-Account) in the LEAD Section

- For each LEAD...I assign the proper Contact/Account using the custom lookup fields

- If I CREATE a  custom lookup field in the LEAD object to categorize what I can send to that Email  (Promo, Invoice, Order confirmation, Newsletter,...)


I should now be able to create a Bulk email or Campaign,  assigning any LEADS into the audience and still have access to the CONTACT or ACCOUNT data associated to the LEAD.


The TRACKING of all Emails should be visible in the LEAD Section.


Is there anything wrong in this logic ?


Ivanna Yatsura,

Can you validate my proposal ?

Francois Breault,

You are thinking in the right direction. What you have described should work just fine.

As for the "Tracking of all emails visible in Lead Section". Could you please elaborate a bit on this question?


 I'd like to display when the contact has RECEIVED the message, OPENED it. CLICKED in a link, REGISTERED from a webform, DOWNLOADED a file.


Francois Breault,

It's possible to do this through development. 

Here is a link to the Academy article about setting up tracking of lead sources that you might find useful.

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